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A Musical Tribute

In honor of my mother and father Billie Jean and Glen Campbell

Travis and Trudy Campbell
Travis and Trudy Campbell


Glen Campbell's music is known around the world. His voice was like a fine tuned instrument.  We want the world to remember him with kindness and great music.

Travis in a Coma

In late June 2014, I suffered a massive heart attack and stroke.  I was clinically DEAD and on life support. My wife Trudy, never lost faith and was always at my side, all the while insisting that doctors do everything possible to bring me back.

Doctors had given up, but she did not allow them to think like that. After surgery, they put me on ice for 48 hours (while I was in a coma). Another 48 hours later, while bringing up my body temperature, they saw no brain activity.

Travis Campbell

Because Trudy's father had been killed in a truck accident June 24, 1980, she felt that day, June 24, 2014, was going to be a miracle day!


During this visit, Trudy began recording.  As she played music, and talked to me, with the picture of my mother with Mother Teresa next to my bed, I responded, and my hand began to shake.  "The doctors said, "I came back from the dead." Many medical professionals asked me what I saw.  It was my mother Billie Jean Campbell who passed away in 1993, that I felt hugging me.  My doctor said that this was his first unexplained miracle in 30 years.

I am truly blessed to have my wife and my mother, who are my angels.  I am thankful for all the hundreds of thousands of letters from all of you.  I am very humbled.

Thank you. -Travis Campbell

To my husband, Travis Campbell:  Three years ago, I didn't know if you would ever wake up from being in a coma.  As I looked at you with a life support system keeping you alive, I thought back about what an amazing drummer you are, and how you love playing.  With sadness and regret, I thought of all the things in life you would never get to do.  I simply could not prepare myself for life without you. Travis, our lives have been blessed by a miracle.  God has given us the gift of time.  I thank God every day that we share together.  -Trudy Campbell

We know in life, that a higher power allows people to shine at the right time and place.  Billie Jean and Glen Campbell made their marks on the world by living simple principles.  Being kind to others and helping them along the road of life.  All of those mentioned below are like family to us.  By the hands of God, each one came together and helped to make our dream a reality.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all.

Sheryl Madison Lancaster (Intermission Productions Inc.)

Daniel Mendoza & Schimen Scott 

Sher, thank you for always encouraging us to never give up, and being our shining light.

Senator Rusty Crowe:  You have brought so much joy to our lives.  You have truly been gifted by God with musical talent, a kind heart and so much more.


Mike Rogers (Producer):  Thank you for your  energy, light and talent.  This album is a masterpiece. We cannot thank you enough for everything you've done to make this musical tribute a reality.


Attorney Russ Farrar:  You keep us laughing so hard, and you are just so good for our souls.  Russ, you can make an audience of 25,000 people love you without saying a word. "That is some talent!" Thank you for the laughter, good times and being family to us.


Ed Winebarger:  We are so blessed to have such a brilliant artist to play saxophone and flute.  Your contribution is everything we envisioned and more.


Jimmy Fortune & Ben Isaacs:  Your vocal collaboration brought Billie Jean's song, “One Pair of Hands” to life, beautifully.


Carson Peters:  Your God given gift of music (fiddle playing) touches people's lives, and you've definitely touched ours.


Dave Woodman:  The joy you bring to millions through your illustrations carries on with this magnificent caricature of Glen. Thank you!

With this instrumental album, people of all nationalities can sing my dad's songs.  May his memory be forever etched within our hearts as his music will live on throughout eternity.


Thank you mom and dad for all the great memories, and for sharing your God given talents with the world. But most importantly, thank you for all the love you showed me in this lifetime. 


So until we meet again, know that I love you. Mom, I truly understand the words you said, 

"Remember me in kind, or don't remember me at all."

Thanks for the memories - Travis Campbell

Mother Teresa & Billie Jean Campbell

Mother Teresa & Billie Jean Cambell

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Trudy & Travis 2018

Travis and Trudy Campbell 2020

Trudy & Travis 2020

Travis and Trudy Campbell
Wichita, KS  67052

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